Jun 12, 2012

Bucket List #12

If you've known me long enough, or if you have my email address, than you know I've made attending births as a doula something of a hobby. (You should follow the last doula link, for real, do it.) The memory of my brother being born, or wheeled out in my mother's arms actually, is vivid. Strange that I don't really remember her pregnant belly, but I remember receiving the anatomically correct baby boy doll and preparing for the blessed event. Then there was my obsession with the NOVA Miracle of Life special. I've watched it countless times, and you can too online for free, just follow the link. If you look at a few of my favorite books, anything by Ina May GaskinThe Midwife's Apprentice and The Red Tent, you can probably tell that I've got a thing for reproduction and birth.

Most of this birth appreciation happened before I went to college. While taking a Woman's Health class at UCSC I got to talking with another young lady who was majoring in Community Studies, like myself. The degree required a 6 month field study of our choosing. I asked her where she was doing hers and the response left me in total awe. She was going to Guatemala to work with local midwives in tribal communities. WHA!! You could do that? Why didn't I think of that? Incidentally, I had a great field study working at Women In Community Service in Seattle. But it was no midwifery.

After college I studied to become a doula and was certified by Doulas Of North America. I attended a whole bunch of births in California and Idaho, and considered becoming a midwife. As a teacher I had to put my doula work on hold, but I took some time to get to know the local midwife Coleen Goodwin at The Baby Place in Meridian where Porter was born, and found out what it would take to become one. It was a pivotal conversation for me.

While I love reproduction and birth, I don't have the desire to commit as much time and energy as it takes to be a midwife. I'm not willing to sacrifice being with my family at a moments notice, or being able to stay home with my son. My priorities are devoted with my family and I can't divide them with a calling like midwifery. I decided all that before I even had a kid. She was very honest with me and I appreciate that, but it was big blow. Even though midwifery isn't my path, it doesn't mean I have to stop being a doula or stop my dream of becoming a childbirth educator. There is, however, one thing that midwives get to do regularly (even my husband has done it) and that's my #12.

This post is dedicated my my best friend, who is labor at this very second, expecting her first baby. I'm so excited for her, and that it's not me going through it. Love you girl!

  1. Travel to 6 of the 7 continents. Let's be honest, Antarctica is a long shot. So far I've been to North America (Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica) and Europe (France).
  2. Spend time practicing yoga at an ashram in India, with my brother.
  3. Join a choral group and sing with them regularly.
  4. Tour all 50 states in an RV.
  5. Visit Monet's Gardens at Giverny.
  6. Take ballroom dancing classes so I can ballroom dance for fun.
  7. Travel to a far away destination by boat.
  8. To be exceedingly generous to my family and friends.
  9. Write a book.
  10. Complete all three courses designed by BKS Iyengar in his book Light On Yoga, over the prescribed 300 weeks (5.7 years). 
  11. Go hang gliding.
  12. Catch a baby being born.
~If you need to catch up on any of my bucket list items, find the corresponding post # in the June 2012 list at the right hand side of this page.

He was looking for a specific book (which wasn't even on the shelf)
and took some time to read a few other books along the way.
Strawberry, yogurt and honey popsicles in the making.
Sweet new jogging stroller, courtesy of Lissa.
It made a huge difference on today's run and I love it.

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