Jun 1, 2012

2012 Challenges: June - Bucket List

May has come and gone and 'tis June 1st at last. I've been waiting for this day since January 1st. With it's warm sunny evenings and lots of time and reasons to be outside enjoying nature, spring is fantastic. Last month's Affirmation Challenge was a lovely way to get my mind focused and back on track. Those 4 affirmations played a large part in my motivation to continue the Couch to 5K training regimen, eating right, losing 10 more pounds (despite wonderful family visits, replete with parties, margaritas and many 'smores), and all of that with a bountiful appreciation for life and love.

Each night I affirmed:
I make healthy choices in everything that I do.
I treat myself and others with loving kindness, especially Luke and Porter.
I follow through with everything that I begin.
I surrender to my best and highest self.
June's challenge is something I've never done before, but feel is essential to living a full and rewarding life. This month I'll be creating my bucket list of goals to accomplish, before I kick the bucket. A few bucket list items that I've already completed in this lifetime are:

  • Completed the Spudman Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • Lived/studied internationally
  • Own my own house and property
  • Birthed my child naturally, out of hospital
  • Became a teacher
  • Went to college
  • Have a deep and meaningful relationship
  • River rafting
  • Tried surfing
  • Won: half way to Hawaii contest, woot! 
  • Lost: came in dead last in said triathlon, not a total loss though really.
My criteria for adding items to the list are simple.
  1. Each item must be something that can be solidly accomplished and documented, no touchy-feely goals for this list. 
  2. A new item must be added every single day and posted on this blog. 
  3. Ideas can be crazy and far fetched, but must have the potential to be accomplished in this lifetime.
Bucket List
~Travel to 6 of the 7 continents. Let's be honest, Antarctica is a long shot. So far I've been to North America (Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica) and Europe (France).

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!!

I love this outfit, he's like a real boy!

Definitely the king of his castle.

I don't know about other mamas, but I kiss my kid all the time.

Goslings in the park, out for a field trip. I got so close and into taking this picture that when I looked up mama goose was dangerously close and giving me the stink eye.

Today's walk put him right to sleep, my tender baby.
My favorite part is when he comes in at the end humming and puckering up for a kiss.

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