Oct 30, 2012

Spain: Boat Ride, Concert and La Sagrada Familia

Sometimes you just want a taste of home, outside on the deck in the Barcelona sun.

This is the line at the Picasso Museum which we avoided because we had Porter with us. That boy is worth his weight in gold!!

We tried to go to the Maritime Museum, Barcelona being a port city and all, but it was closed for renovations. So while looking at this lovely koi pond and following submarine, we decided to take a boat tour of the port instead.

Submarine made of wood.

Christopher Columbus at the top of this pole, pointing in the direction of North America. The crazy part of this statue is the Native American that's kneeling at the feet of a Friar who has his hand adoringly on the Native's head. It's a slightly different perspective than the one I have from back home.

Tutu and Porter getting ready for the boat ride.

Dino cranes at work.

Cruise liners come in all the languages here in Barcelona.

Random view from the top deck of our hotel.


Luke and I had a date night at the Palau de Muscia, where we saw Barcelona 4 Guitars play both Spanish guitar and some classics.

This was a truly amazing building, so ornate.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel with Papa.

This morning we took a trip on the subway to La Sagrada Familia. Porter was thrilled by the tunnel trains.

A few things to consider when visiting Sagrada Familia:
1. Pay the 14 euros to go inside, it's even cooler than the outside. 
2. Buy tickets online and print them out in advance of your visit. It will save you hours of waiting in line.

It's a forest theme inside. Brilliant.

If nursing was good enough for little baby Jesus, it's good enough for Porter. Spain has seen more of my boobs than anywhere and they don't seem to care.

The only cheesy part of the whole church is the strange umbrella hanging over Jesus, strung with lights and grapes.

Can you see his halo?

Reflection of the windows on the organ pipes.

Holy water.

The church doors.

The school that Gaudi designed for the children of the workers who were building the church. No longer a school however.

This was another awesome experience.

Then we found a playground right across the street, SWEET!

Then there was a protest that involved really loud fire crackers in the streets and vuvuzelas, which made Porter cry. Bastards! So we ducked into the first friendly place, Starbucks. They had the most comfy chairs and yummy whipped cream.

Oct 28, 2012

Spain: More videos

This vendor sells baby ducks, chicks, hamsters guinea pigs and mini turtles. Porter loved all his goodies.
This is a random video of walking down La Rambla on a Friday night.
We encountered some random circle dancing to live music on a Sunday afternoon. Awesome!