Apr 29, 2012

A Little Help From My Friends

Today was one of those days that absolutely could not have happened without amazing family, friends and neighbors. We're continuing our work on the backyard and I had big plans for today, which included buying mulch and applying it the lower back yard around the lawn, mowing the lawn (after our lawn mower hasn't been cutting it, pun intended) and being outside as much as possible in the amazing spring weather. 

My sister Anna lent us her truck so we could pick up pea gravel and bark mulch, and then volunteered to watch Porter while we took care of the yard. Porter had a fantastic time at the park with Anna, Micah and Quila and her truck worked perfectly for the 2 (yet not nearly enough) loads of mulch. 

Upon returning home with our mulch we found our wheelbarrow had a flat inner tube. Thankfully our wonderful neighbors were home and more then happy to lend us their wheelbarrow. I don't have a picture, but it's been in their family for generations, is green and weighs a ton. It's quality and will probably be passed on to their grand kids. 

In the midst of all the mulching I  also had to mow our new lawn. It grows fast and dense in the spring. If I don't cut it weekly then it will break anything less than a goat. Our electric mower has been on the outs lately, which is disappointing because I was thrilled about having it. Luckily, Chelsea and Shaun also have an electric mower (cordless), which is bigger and much more efficient than the one I have. We got to borrow theirs and take it for a test mow. I do believe that I'll be purchasing one of Earthwise mowers later this week. Oh happy day, I get to keep using an electric mower and it will actually cut my lawn. Hurray. 

So, to summarize why I have the most amazing people in my life:
  • Borrowed truck for large loads
  • Free child care with lots of love included
  • Borrowed/test drove electric lawn mower at a moments notice
  • Borrowed heirloom wheelbarrow
These were all amazing acts of generosity, and the results were: a mowed lawn, happy baby, started mulch project, and the most tender part- I got to spend quality time with my husband too. It's something we've neglected for too long and I hope it will become a more regular occurrence. Surly it will since Porter has so many people who love him that live near by, and I'm starting to ease up on the mother henning. A little.

I love when flowers that I planted actually grow!

Quality time with the hubby. His words, no joke.
Adding (wet) pea gravel to the dining area.

The mulch didn't go as far as I though. We're going to need more, lots more.
The dining area, covered in pea gravel, is complete.

Bark mulch and gravel.

Freshly mowed. We're mulching all the areas around the lawn. Weed fabric is already laid.
Who knew that would be the easy part?

See all the green spots in the mulch? Those are actual plants that are going to grow into my Aroma Garden. I don't know if I'm more excited because the mulch is actually working or that the plants are actually growing.

The parsley that won't say die.

I planted this parsley years ago and it just keeps coming back.

After a long morning playing at the park with Aunt Anna, Micah and Quila.

Another generosity from the Titus family. A jungle gym worthy of my little climber, replete with latter, steering wheel, slide and under deck hiding area.

To all of our friends and family

Apr 26, 2012

Bath Time Bada$$

Luke does bath time as part of Porter's bedtime routine and while I'm getting everything ready for bed I hear them splashing, knocking and playing around. This is what went down tonight.

Apr 25, 2012

Hilo Town

We're back! A few weeks ago we went to Hilo, Hawaii to spend some time with my parents. It was a whirlwind vacation, mostly because it took awhile to recover from the 16 hour travel day in which we got to take rides in 4 different jet plane all in one day. That paired with Porter's new walking skills made for an interesting trip. 

Hilo town is on the wet side of the Big Island of Hawaii. It's jungle and farms and not nearly as touristy as the dry side of any of the islands. It was a refreshing new way to see Hawaii. We did and saw so many places, and these pictures are but a fraction of the digital memories that we made, but they give a good idea of the trip.

Watching a movie over the Pacific.

Porter started walking 2 days before our trip. I though he would want to run immediately, but he proved that we are indeed related to monkeys, because all he wanted to do was climb.

Luckily there were many seats, in many airports, for him to hone is new climbing skills.

We could have done a Dr. Seuss book about all the different chairs to climb.

He got his own seat on the first leg of the trip. It was nice.

You can tell this is the beginning of the day.

Watching all the "voom vooms" prepare our plane in San Jose.

Same movie, different time.

Ah, we arrived. This is the view of sunrise from the porch of the cabin.

We stayed on a ranch with sweeping views of the ocean about 7 miles outside of Hilo.

There were goats and sheep.

The long driveway. We stayed in the cabin with a green roof on the left.

Porter made the long walk to the top of the driveway. There were dogs, many dogs.
And horses. Or "neigh" as Porter calls them. These sweet horses were in the parade we went to.
Instilling the love of driving in my child. Shoot.

According to Luke, Porter is channeling his great grandpa Alton in this picture.

Have an egg salad sandwich on the road.

Luke and I got away for the day before we left for home.
This will be happening at the beginning of our next vacation.

Waipio Valley

Hot spring pool tempered by cool ocean water, believe it!

Porter got to see his first parade. It was in celebration of the Merrie Monarch.

The king and queen.

Miss. Hula Hawaii. We watched her dance, she really was the best.


Pooper scoopers disguised as a Maui Onion.

It's not a parade without a mini Miss. Hawaii.
Lava Tube!

It was wet and soggy inside the Lava Tube.
This is for my brother. Yes, we went to Ken's House of Pancakes, open 24 Hours.

Every time someone ordere the breakfast with 6 scoops of white rice the waitress rang a gong and everyone shouted "SUMO!". There was more gong then you would have thought.

Half order of veggie benedict with hash browns and a pancake. It was good.

Porter had papaya with cottage cheese. It was the only good papaya I've ever tasted.

At Tex Drive In we got malasadas. This is a mango one. Can you say jelly doughnut?

The biggest mochi ball you've ever seen.

Rocky road wrapped mochi and strawberry sweet bean mochi.

We visited the volcano. Disappointing that there's no lava to be seen though.

Akaka Falls State Park

This was serious jungle. These pictures don't do justice to the size of this place. It was awesome.


Ti Plant

It was the perfect hike for Porter to practice his walking.

Banana Flower


The original living wall.

Porter got lucky and Grandpa carried him the last bit.

Which canopy is your favorite?

Baby Loaf feeling the aloha.