Aug 30, 2012

Porter's Hike

At the top of the hill.

In preparation for September's challenge I decided that Porter and I would hike the lower loop of the Table Rock trail. I don't know the exact number, but it's about 1.5 miles. I put Porter in the backpack for the first half which is all up hill. There was much sweating on my part and oh-ing and awe-ing from the backpack. We had a quick snack under the ONLY tree on the trail, but that was cut short due to some overly interested bees. I thought it would be nice to let Porter walk the flat portion on the way back, which he did and loved. He loved it so much that he walked the entire way back to the car. I'm pretty confident that it's the furthest he's ever walked. He asked to be picked up twice and I told him he could ride in the backpack, but he chose to continue walking. It took about an hour, but he was adamant about hiking with me and climbing atop every "big bump" (rock) no matter how big or small. It was seriously impressive for such a little guy (19 months). I'm excited for the fun we're going to be able to have in the future, and for when he can carry me uphill in a backpack.

On top of the biggest "big bump" almost at the end of the trail. He was so freakin' proud.
When we finished he kept saying "I did it! I did it!" His shirt pretty much sums it up,
he's the coolest dude around.

Aug 29, 2012

Screen Time

Can gaming save the world? Maybe. Give peace a chance.

Porter and I had an awesome morning riding the big bike (my bike) all over town. We  got smoothies, went to the bike shop to have my inner tubes replaced and re-gued (damn you goat heads!) Then we rode over to the Library, where for the first time Porter got to login to the computers and play games. Okay, so he put on the headphones while I did most of the work, but he did help Thomas the train correctly identify various loads of animals and goods for delivery. This was a big deal since every single time we've been to the Library Porter saddles up to the kids computers and wonders how on earth to make them work.

Porter's also been really really into Finding Nemo. Ever since he was sick and got to watch it all day long he requests it at various times throughout the day. I'm not fretting too much because he gets all sorts of outside time, reading time, and other types of stimulus. I also understand the appeal of the boob toob since I often find solace in TV shows and movies. Some of my current favorites are Downton Abbey (season 3 starting in September!!), Dexter, Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy (I know, but I've been a fan for like half a decade). It's a nice way to unwind from our hyper stimulating world and I'll admit that it's a habit that I'm not going to kick.

Recently I read this blog post about NOT limiting screen time. I don't think it's the strongest argument for unlimited screen time, but it brings up a couple of valuable points. Plus it makes me feel a little better about our family's screen time. We live in an ever increasingly tech world, my husband is an IT manager and to deny the existence of computers and televisions is futile. So bring it technology. I'm ready to guide and facilitate my child's ever growing fascination with you and your bright images, enticing keyboard clicks and the potential of your mystical worlds.

Screen time at the Library, so EXCITING!

Aug 28, 2012

In Your Good Graces

My heavens it's been a long time since I've blogged. For that I apologize. I know how much I hate it when bloggers that I read go on strike and it's no fun. Blogging can be quite a consuming task and sometimes I just need a break. I've been doing things like: tending to my awesome garden, hanging with family, honing my pioneer cooking skills, healing my sick child (he's better now), getting rid of lots and lots of stuff and, in general, having a summer break. There is so much to write about, but to get back in your good graces, today's post is an onslaught of photos of the real reason you all tune into this blog. I give you Porter.

We took a trip to McCall with my mom.

Porter and his tutu. It's not the best picture (sorry mom) but these two are seriously BFFs.

Porter laying down on the job at gymnastics.

Playing peek a boo, aka pull ups.

That little turtle seriously charged at Porter and made him jump. It was too funny.

Putting gymnastics skills to work at the playground.

Boob toob.

Attempting to climb his first tree, determined it was "too big".

MK Nature Center, never fails to give a good time for all ages.

There's an espresso machine in here. What are you waiting for mom?

At the Tour de Fat bike rally. Photos courtesy of Danny.

Actin' the dude.

Wearing Luke's old Kentucky Derby t-shirt.

Serious big kid action happening. Big kid kicks and going down the  slide himself.

It was a virus, it was gross and I'm glad it's gone! Thank goodness for Finding Nemo.

Playing cowboys with a new friend at the park.

He mounts any "bump bump" he comes across.

I think it's hysterical that Boise is trying to start a "Keep Boise Weird" campaign.
After living in Santa Cruz and Nevada City, Boise is the most normal place EVER.

We did a photo shoot the other day. I can't help it, he 's too cute.

A throw back to our wedding in 2008 from Ashley.

Aug 2, 2012

2012 Challenges: August - Sun Salutations

Ok, so I'm a day late with this post, but I'm on track for the rest of the month of August. I've written about doing yoga in some of my other posts and this month I'm tackling, or should I say bowing to, what is possibly the most well known asana in the practice of western yoga. The humble, yet invigorating, Sun Salutation. 

These few basic postures are often used as a warm up before moving into more difficult poses or asanas. I've been in enough classes where the entire class was centered around Sun Salutations with the instructor adding extra poses here and there throughout the many repetitions of ups and downs. My best memory of doing Sun Salutations isn't actually from any class, but from the only home practice I've ever done and it was as a pre-teen, with my mother. Everyday, during one summer, my mom would come into my room wearing her black one piece knee length unitard (an ingenious piece of workout wear with nothing to bind your movements and enough coverage to bend over without embarrassing yourself), put on Pachelbel's Canon in D, and we would salute the sun by doing many repetitions of this asana. It was rad. My body was young and flexible, my mother was always complementary of my poses, and it was a beautiful way for us to spend time together that didn't involve words, judgements or criticisms. I wish we'd never stopped.

In my family, we are a bunch of sun worshipers in various forms. Whether it be my father's serious tanning sessions (I can still smell the Hawaiian Tropic from my childhood), to our day long outings to the beach as children, or our most recent day spend on a boat at the lake, none of us can deny how good you feel after a punch of Vitamin D and how nice you look with a tan. I love the sun and how it makes me feel.

There are long stretches during the Boise winter where you can't feel the sun's warmth on your skin, and that makes me pretty sad. But there is a moment when you turn your face to that fiery orb on a freezing cold day, and it ever so slightly warms your nose and cheeks. That is hopeful. Then there's the heat from the past month that is relentless and I do my darnedest to stay out of the sun's direct line of fire. If there is only one thing that remains constant to every being on this planet, it is the sun and our relationship to it. For the month of August I've decided to pay homage to the life giving force that makes me so happy, and makes it possible for life to exist. Sun...I salute you!


From the garden.

Porter Bear Walking across parallel bars at gymnastics.


My own sun worshipper in the making.

Porter's Grandad got him a Strider Bike, and I now know what Christmas will look like for the next few years.
There will be many hugs, much excitement and some levitation.

This promo video is hilarious.