Jul 17, 2012

Top 5 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

Since last week when we had a crazy smoke induced heat wave (and insanity), the temps in Boise have hung in the low 90's during the day. It hasn't been so bad if we keep the evaporative cooler running and the correct doors and windows open/shut. Going outside, however, is a different story. 90+ degrees in the sun is not a whole lot of fun. So, Porter and I have been all over town trying to stay cool and these are my Top 5 favorites:

5. Park it in the living room in front of the evaporative cooler, read books and be still like a lizard.
4. Go to the library, where the AC is always pleasantly cranked and there is often entertainment of some kind.
3. Turn on the hose and get a bucket with which to dump water all over ourselves, preferably in the shady backyard (thank goodness for that sweet new lawn we installed).
2.  Play in the gigantic fountain at Ann Morrison park, serious fun.
1. Head out to the lake for sand slinging, water fountain and inner tube floating relief.

On Sunday Porter and I hung out at the fountain in Ann Morrison Park. Porter's always a little hesitant at first. Then he sees the big boys run the perimeter, slicing through the water, and total chaos ensues. It's really fun.

Just hangin' with the big boys.

When he was littler, the flood irrigation water was too cold. Not anymore.
My boy eats his colors.

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