Jul 26, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Websites

5. www.Treehugger.com 
As it's name implies, Treehugger's focus is geared towards the environment and green living. Since it's purchase by Discovery I feel it's content is less alternative, but still very interesting.

It's like Pandora, but better. You get to choose the artists in your play list so you can have many genres playing at one time. Awesome!

3. www.Wikipedia.com
Online encyclopedia? Yes, if you trust what your peers are willing to put on there. I love all the possibilities: TV show synopsis', entire books condensed into Cliff's notes, random and assorted information on just about everything. And it's free, hurrah!

2. www.Hulu.com
We don't have cable or satellite, so the free version of Hulu is right up this TV junkies ally.

1. www.YouTube.com
It's better than television and guaranteed to entertain.

Swimming at Tutu and Grandad's hotel pool.

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