Jul 16, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Things

A haunting version of My Favorite Things sung by Young Sun Nah, who sounds amazingly like Ella Fitzgerald.

Porter and I listen to a lot of music these days. Usually the Toddler station on Pandora or Jango. Thanks to my excellent upbringing and stint as a teacher of young children I know quite a few of the children's repertoire. Some of my most favorite songs stem from my childhood when we would go camping as a family in Big Sur and listen to lots of music on an old school boom box. One of our favorites was the soundtrack to the Broadway version of The Sound of Music. My brother and I knew pretty much every word to each song. My love for these songs was reinforced as a teacher at Challenger School since, lucky for us, they were part of the curriculum. I have sang Do Re Mi, My Favorite Things and Edelweiss hundreds of times, and they never get old or annoying. Unlike some of the tackier pop songs that have been known to filter through my head. My Favorite Things came on the music station so I took the opportunity, again, to sing along while my child watched me with curiosity. It was a very tender moment. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Things:

5. Sleeping on clean sun dried sheets
4. Buttery flaky chocolaty croissants
3. Foggy summer mornings
2. Porter facial expressions
1. Singing and Dancing with a group of other people

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