Jul 27, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Family Is Great

5. It keeps growing, and the more the merrier!
4. There are always many views and perspectives to be explored.
3. They are people you can trust implicitly.
2. Many hands are very helpful when raising a child.
1. Family gives you opportunities to experience love in all of it's forms.

My family has come to visit us in Boise and I couldn't be more grateful for their company. Porter's Tutu, Grandad and uncles Steve & Kumar are some of my most cherished people on Earth. Congratulations to Auntie Nanna (Anna) and Micah on your engagement!! Porter is lucky to have a kind and caring new uncle, and we're lucky to have another brother. I love my ever growing family!

Thanks to Uncle Kumar for capturing Porter's expressions at their best.

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