Jul 12, 2012

Top 5 Places I'd Rather Be

Fiery smoke filled sunset.
It doesn't happen very often (usually in the dog days of summer and depths of winter) that I get grumpy, cranky and mad. This week's weather has gotten me there and the only way to sum it up is bah humbug and to hell with everything. Wait, I feel like I'm already there. At 7:30pm it was 105*F and smokey. It's been smokey for the last 3 days. Bleh! So, to try and get myself in a happier and more content place, I'm going to think of all the places I'd rather be than where I am right now. Not very zen, but I'm no Buddhist, just bitter.

5. Somewhere air conditioned, cause we certainly don't have it.
4. Nevada City at the Alton Ranch swinging in a hammock watching the wind in the trees.
3. Capitola on a foggy summer morning wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with a warm latte.
2. Maui, floating in the ocean on a pink plastic floaty without a care in the world.
1. In a better frame of mind.

Okay so maybe it's a little pretty, whatever.

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