Sep 3, 2012

2012 Challenges: September - Be Active & 32!

Admitting that I didn't follow through on a challenge is kinda lame, but that's what I'm going to have to do. My August challenge of doing Sun Salutations daily was a total flop. Honestly, it was just a busy and long month and I totally spaced it all. In fact, I'm happy that August is over and we can hopefully move into cooler, less smokey autumn weather. This summer has been a hot and smokey mess. I'm over it and ready for the anticipation that comes with September.

September's challenge is a riff on last months, only I think it's more achievable. My goal this month is to be active everyday. That means that if I ride my bike to the Library, take a walk/run, or do stretching I will have achieved my goal for the day. September is a great time of year to get out of the house and around town by bike.

Here are some pictures from the last weekend. We celebrated my 32nd birthday with hot air balloons and birthday cake. The whole nation even took Monday off to celebrate with us.

Straddling the Strider wearing a crane shirt. Very exciting to be a boy.

Luke took me to the batting cages and go karting for a birthday date. It was RAD.

Eating popcorn. Alton.

Porter is so enamored with Lucy that I can never get him to look at the camera when they're together.
It was a thrilling first ride in the bike trailer. Lucy got to experience the little brother she never wanted. 

This is the, "what the hell's going on mom?!" face. Plus I got a sweet new 'do for 32 and I LOVE it.

Chelsea and I squealed and jumped with delight when Micky turned our direction.
The kids looked a us like we're crazy. This is why we teach, it works with other peoples kids.

Practicing rolling around. We're working on log rolls. I guess we have a ways to go.

Porter takes after me!

Color guard!

After MUCH anticipation, the sun went down and the balloons went up.

The balloons can't stay lit up for very long because they are tethered to the ground,
so this event involved a lot of counting down for a few seconds of balloon glow. But is sure is pretty.

The start of a yawn. We stayed up very late to celebrate my birthday and Porter still managed to wake up at 6am.

Beautiful birthday flowers from Anna.

Chocolate birthday cake (by Chelsea) and strawberry ice cream (by me). Yumm!

We celebrated Labor Day by going to the zoo as a family. I think Porter's favorite parts were the
Wallaby Walk-a-bout and getting to hold both Mama and Dada's hands at the same time.
We were pretty tender.

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