Sep 5, 2012

We can pickle that!

I felt like a mad scientist in my kitchen. I think it freaked Luke out
a little when he saw the concoction in the fridge.
My Facebook friend Eleanor is an avid cook, baker and pickler. Seeing her pictures is inspiring, but I was especially captivated by her pickled eggs and beets. She was kind enough to send me the recipe, and armed with fresh eggs and beets from the farmer's market I went to the task of pickling.

And the verdict? Pure and pretty awesomeness! I will never need to salt a hard boiled egg again.
Not when I can plop it in a vat of briny goodness.

This clip isn't as good as "Put A Bird On It!" but I love Portlandia and will share it any chance I get.

At the park today, Porter and I were the only native English speakers. The rest spoke German.

Porter wasn't phased a bit. He's a friendly fellow.

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