Sep 6, 2012

Quinn Cummings is FUNNY

Thanks to my friend Chelsea, and the book club she started, I've been reading more than usual. And I love it! My mother and husband and mother in law are avid readers, but I usually prefer blogs and magazines. Lately, however, I've been on a role with the books thanks to my Kindle. While reading one of my favorite blogs, I saw this interview with Quinn Cummings. This lead me to read her latest book The Year of Learning Dangerously, Adventures In Homeschooling:

As many of you know, I taught preschool and kindergarten for many years. Those of you who know me really well, knew I wanted to be a teacher from the time I was in second grade, and adored my own (left handed) teacher Mrs.Winks. Through my studies and experiences working in schools I always thought that home schoolers were a little weird and most definitely outside the box. It seemed clear that they were usually very into their religion and homeschooling was a way to ensure their family beliefs were passed onto the children. That's cool with me, and as Quinn discovers there are many such families, but it turns out that her own experience homeschooling her daughter was very different. This book was laugh out loud funny, very interesting and I totally recommend that you read it. 

Her first book Notes from the Underwire, which I'm a 3rd of the way through, is also hilarious. Porter just thinks I'm being silly when I laugh out loud, but these books are a really fun read. She's also inspired me to start an adventure with Porter, which will be explained in an upcoming post. So anyway, reading can be fun, reading Quinn Cummings can be funny.

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