Sep 19, 2012

Capitola Bound

We just arrived home in Boise after almost a week visiting with my family in Capitola. It was confirmed, yet again, that grandparents and uncles are way more fun than actual parents.

At the Cabrillo Farmer's Market with Grandpa and the  awesome Radio Flyer tricycle, dubbed "Porter's Bike".

My dad's garden, fecund as ever.

Oh look, a weed!
Luke, Porter and I took a trip to UCSC and I had a moment when I called for Porter in the bookstore.
If you know how he got his name then you'll understand.

We scoped the new bookstore/student union. Decidedly not as cool since it's been updated but deemed necessary for the growth of the campus.

Followed up the UCSC visit with bread bowls and animal watching at the Santa Cruz Wharf. Here we have a multitude of sea lions being very lazy.
A pelican, a la Nemo.
I forced Luke to get a massage and soak in a tub with me at the Well Within. It was hard wearing a robe, but he pushed through like a good sport.

I've been looking for just the right rain boots for the upcoming seasons and finally decided on the Crocs. We took them for a test splash in front of our neighbors house. They kept the pajama bottoms dry. Success!

He made a bubble!

Gotta catch the zzz's when you can on these trips. The days go so fast and there's so much to do.

Took Porter to the beach for the first extended period of time. Poor kid, his mom hates sand. He loved it, and I got a full frontal of sand thrown at me. Just a quick reminder of how sand manages to get everywhere. Blech.

Shortly after arriving home. Porter's experimenting with facial expressions. This one is usually accompanied with head nodding up and down, preferably to a beat. 


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    1. Porter misses you too! We'll see you again very soon. Lots of love.