Aug 30, 2012

Porter's Hike

At the top of the hill.

In preparation for September's challenge I decided that Porter and I would hike the lower loop of the Table Rock trail. I don't know the exact number, but it's about 1.5 miles. I put Porter in the backpack for the first half which is all up hill. There was much sweating on my part and oh-ing and awe-ing from the backpack. We had a quick snack under the ONLY tree on the trail, but that was cut short due to some overly interested bees. I thought it would be nice to let Porter walk the flat portion on the way back, which he did and loved. He loved it so much that he walked the entire way back to the car. I'm pretty confident that it's the furthest he's ever walked. He asked to be picked up twice and I told him he could ride in the backpack, but he chose to continue walking. It took about an hour, but he was adamant about hiking with me and climbing atop every "big bump" (rock) no matter how big or small. It was seriously impressive for such a little guy (19 months). I'm excited for the fun we're going to be able to have in the future, and for when he can carry me uphill in a backpack.

On top of the biggest "big bump" almost at the end of the trail. He was so freakin' proud.
When we finished he kept saying "I did it! I did it!" His shirt pretty much sums it up,
he's the coolest dude around.

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