Oct 21, 2012

Spain: Rock Of Gibraltar

Alrighty. I'm writing this post after an amazing meal of Argentinian barbacoa and many glasses of wine with an after dinner drink of Bailey's, so bear with me. Today we went to visit the English owned peninsula of Gibraltar. What is the rock of Gibraltar you may ask? Well, it's a giant rock that has holes drilled in it, with cannons in the holes. It's essentially a fortress owned by the Brits on Spanish land. It's one of those rare tax free places that people go to purchase vast amounts of alcohol and tobacco. That was not our goal today however. Luke is a history buff and this was another great opportunity to visit a landmark of historical importance. We went to the top of the rock and had an amazing view of Spain, Africa and the straight of water connecting the two. If they were so inclined, the British military could easily blow anyone out of the water, or off the shore of Africa. Luckily, they are civilized and would rather make the place into a tourist destination. The highlight of my day was having a giant wild monkey (yeah, monkey) jump on my shoulder and try to get into my purse. It scared the crap out of me and I screamed like a girl. Effing monkey. It was otherwise a lovely day. I love Andelucia, Spain.
Porter is getting plenty of quality time with PopPop and Tutu. It's a win win for everyone.
Now that's a rock!
These monkeys were huge. Again, effing monkeys.
Diamond Jubilee 2012. Squeeeee!!
Skate park
Former Arab ramparts, with British flag a flying.
That's a happy husband. I think he loves being in the cradle of civilization.
Solid as a rock.

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