Oct 10, 2012

Midwifery Week: Join Team Midwife

Wednesday's Action plan is to "Join Team Midwife." You can do this by donating $10 to Team Midwife and/or become a fan of theirs on Facebook. Since I actually donated to my own midwife cause earlier this week, I opted for the Facebook Like. It's easy, literally 3 clicks of your mouse. Now I'm even more a part of the, "engaged group of midwifery supporters to be the advocacy arm of Our Moment of Truth." Because if you didn't know, I think midwifery is important. I'm guessing you knew that by now though.


Porter and I spent quite a bit of time in downtown Boise today running errands. We don't usually have to go downtown, but today was the perfect day for it. Not only was the Autumn weather delightful, but they've started construction on the building at 8th and Main St. This is a BIG deal because for the entire time we've been in Idaho (and longer then that really) there has been a giant hole in the middle of the city. It looks like this building is actually going to happen, which means lots of construction. All this building will surely necessitate a really big crane. We were lucky enough to stumble up the construction of the big crane, which involved two other cranes. If you do the math that makes for a total of 3 cranes, which pretty much means it was like Christmas morning for Porter.

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