Oct 27, 2012

Spain: La Rambla

Marbella was beautiful and I can't wait to return. Barcelona, however, is a whole different experience. On the personal side, it's been great for getting Porter onto a regular napping and sleep schedule, albeit a Spanish one that involves a 10:30pm bedtime. On the tourist level, it's been absolutely wonderful staying on La Rambla. I haven't had to go beyond a few blocks to find new places, people and experiences. On the other hand, I've been a bad tourist and not gone to see the famous Barcelona spots or taken many photos. Not yet anyway. It's just too easy to be swept up in the current of people and to disappear down the small side streets.

Today we took Porter to the aquarium, which he loved, and then Luke found us the best Chocolate and Churros in Barcelona. And it was! All of Barcelona was there waiting in line. I also went with my dad to set up our booth at the EACTS trade show, which is why we're in Spain to begin with. That trip ended with the purchase of a beautiful new leather bag from the beautiful leather bag shop. Despite Spain's current economic "crisis" I have found the people friendly and the culture vibrant. Come to Spain, it's awesome.

Family portrait at La Xina (China) dinner. Porter is the lovey-est boy I know.

We did hugs and kisses for at least 5 minutes.

Mini honus, the size of a silver dollar, for sale on La Rambla.

I got video of this experience, it's really cute. I'll post it (and more) tomorrow, I promise.

Walking down La Rambla Friday night. It's this busy all the time. Except at  7am.
I really need to do a fashion post, because people here are into it and I've got a really good idea now that I'm an expert people watcher.

The booth, pre game.

Blowing up the mannequin.

Me and my new friend.

Line for chocolate and churros.

Granja Xocolateria only moments from our hotel!!

Pile 'o churros bathing in sugar.


Churro spa treatment in whipped cream

Beneath the huge pile of cream is the pudding like dark chocolate.


oh my god, yes

It's super thick. My husband loves me, and I know this because he brings me to chocolate and churros.
It was the only thing I wanted to do in Spain. Now I can go home happy. Maybe I'll have more before we leave first.

Being green goes way back.
Respecteu els animals i les plantes.
"Respect the animals and the plants." 

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