Oct 9, 2012

Midwifery Week: Share Your Story

Tuesday's Daily Action plan is to "Share your moment of truth." Here's mine:

Since I was a child I knew that I would have a midwife at the birth of my child, and so it was. I loved every moment of my prenatal care, birth, and post natal experience. When a year passed and I needed an annual well woman exam I couldn't bring myself to go to a doctor, even though it's what I'd done my whole life. I had come to expect the kind and gentle appointments with my midwives, who really took the time to care for my health. Thankfully, I had learned that Nurse Midwives can do all the tests, exams and prescriptions that a doctor can do when I comes to women care. Hurray! It was at that first (non pregnant) meeting with my CNM that I knew I would forever choose this route for my future health care.

Now, go and share your moment of truth and check out what other peoples moments were all about.

What a difference a year makes! Can you believe that he was only 9 months old?!

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