Oct 17, 2012

Spain: Marbella

After a full 24 hours of travelling we reached our final destination of Marbella, Spain. We are in the Costa del Sol, a place where many Brits come to vacation. This means there is plenty of tea, beer and chips. On which I'm quite confident that Porter would be happy to live on, chips that is. We're staying at The Marbella Heights hotel which has a Balinese theme. I'm planning a photo shoot with all the Buddah's on site. My friend Sarah would love the styling here. Here's the photo montage of the last 2 days.
Dewy spider web the morning of departure.
Checking in for our flight at SFO. Porter and Tutu are busy identifying the train that would frequent the area above the ticketing area.

In the last moment of packing I read a blog that said I should bring at least 2 changes of clothes for Porter. While I thought that was excessive, I quickly found it to be correct when Porter soiled 2 of the 3 outfits I brought before we even got on the plane. I had to go 3rd world at the airport, washing clothes and collecting water (in our water bottles). I then hung the clothes to dry in the airplane. All we needed were our chickens and the picture would have been complete. Needless to say, the clothes were dry in time for a costume change at the Marbella airport.

We flew business class, which was AWESOME, the seats reclined to 180* and each seat has it's own screen. Porter got to watch Lady and the Tramp with the grandparents.
Looking out the window on Grandpa's lap.
Porter got more sleep than anyone. If only we all had a mom to sleep on.
At the Frankfurt airport.
After 24 hours of travelling we arrived at The Marbella Heights.
The view off our room patio.
The dining patio.
The patio. I could stay here, forever.
Cava, Spanish sparkling wine. The perfect way to celebrate our arrival.


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  1. I'm glad you're there safe and sound. It looks amazing! All my love, mom