Aug 29, 2012

Screen Time

Can gaming save the world? Maybe. Give peace a chance.

Porter and I had an awesome morning riding the big bike (my bike) all over town. We  got smoothies, went to the bike shop to have my inner tubes replaced and re-gued (damn you goat heads!) Then we rode over to the Library, where for the first time Porter got to login to the computers and play games. Okay, so he put on the headphones while I did most of the work, but he did help Thomas the train correctly identify various loads of animals and goods for delivery. This was a big deal since every single time we've been to the Library Porter saddles up to the kids computers and wonders how on earth to make them work.

Porter's also been really really into Finding Nemo. Ever since he was sick and got to watch it all day long he requests it at various times throughout the day. I'm not fretting too much because he gets all sorts of outside time, reading time, and other types of stimulus. I also understand the appeal of the boob toob since I often find solace in TV shows and movies. Some of my current favorites are Downton Abbey (season 3 starting in September!!), Dexter, Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy (I know, but I've been a fan for like half a decade). It's a nice way to unwind from our hyper stimulating world and I'll admit that it's a habit that I'm not going to kick.

Recently I read this blog post about NOT limiting screen time. I don't think it's the strongest argument for unlimited screen time, but it brings up a couple of valuable points. Plus it makes me feel a little better about our family's screen time. We live in an ever increasingly tech world, my husband is an IT manager and to deny the existence of computers and televisions is futile. So bring it technology. I'm ready to guide and facilitate my child's ever growing fascination with you and your bright images, enticing keyboard clicks and the potential of your mystical worlds.

Screen time at the Library, so EXCITING!

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