Aug 28, 2012

In Your Good Graces

My heavens it's been a long time since I've blogged. For that I apologize. I know how much I hate it when bloggers that I read go on strike and it's no fun. Blogging can be quite a consuming task and sometimes I just need a break. I've been doing things like: tending to my awesome garden, hanging with family, honing my pioneer cooking skills, healing my sick child (he's better now), getting rid of lots and lots of stuff and, in general, having a summer break. There is so much to write about, but to get back in your good graces, today's post is an onslaught of photos of the real reason you all tune into this blog. I give you Porter.

We took a trip to McCall with my mom.

Porter and his tutu. It's not the best picture (sorry mom) but these two are seriously BFFs.

Porter laying down on the job at gymnastics.

Playing peek a boo, aka pull ups.

That little turtle seriously charged at Porter and made him jump. It was too funny.

Putting gymnastics skills to work at the playground.

Boob toob.

Attempting to climb his first tree, determined it was "too big".

MK Nature Center, never fails to give a good time for all ages.

There's an espresso machine in here. What are you waiting for mom?

At the Tour de Fat bike rally. Photos courtesy of Danny.

Actin' the dude.

Wearing Luke's old Kentucky Derby t-shirt.

Serious big kid action happening. Big kid kicks and going down the  slide himself.

It was a virus, it was gross and I'm glad it's gone! Thank goodness for Finding Nemo.

Playing cowboys with a new friend at the park.

He mounts any "bump bump" he comes across.

I think it's hysterical that Boise is trying to start a "Keep Boise Weird" campaign.
After living in Santa Cruz and Nevada City, Boise is the most normal place EVER.

We did a photo shoot the other day. I can't help it, he 's too cute.

A throw back to our wedding in 2008 from Ashley.

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