Jan 10, 2012

A Year Of Porter

 Today is the first snow of the year here in Boise, and I'm convinced that it's confetti from the heavens for my little boy's first birthday. It's crazy to think that a year ago I popped out an 11 pound dough baby that has become the person I know now as my son Porter. It was surprising to me that it took a couple of weeks to develop a real relationship with the tiny person he was, but everyday my heart swells a little bit more with love for him.

The last year has been the happiest, most tiring, proud, worrisome, exciting, emotional, at times frustrating, fastest and most wonderful time of my life. Even a few months ago this day seemed really really far away. Next thing he'll be going to college! Okay, maybe he'll start walking first, but in hind sight it goes so fast.

He's getting to a really fun age of exploring and experimenting with the world around him and I couldn't be happier to share the future with anyone else. I truly believe that we were given the perfect baby for us and that we were destined to be a family together. I've never wanted something to continue growing and changing, but to also stay the same, as I feel about my baby. If the rest of our years together are as special as this last one then I'm surly the luckiest mom. Happy 1st birthday to my favorite baby in the whole wide world!

37 Weeks Pregnant- photo by Ashley Romero

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One Year Old- January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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  1. What a lucky Mom you are!! Such a handsome son!!!