Jan 1, 2012

A Porter Holiday

2011 was Porter's first holiday season. He was supposed to have been born right around the holidays last year, but as we all know he came a few weeks late. I think it was better this way, the pictures of baby's first Christmas are so much cuter with his smiles.

We spent actual Christmas with Luke's family and had a lovely visit with Porter's Grandma Teri, Papa Bob, and his Aunties Katie and Anna. There were also plenty of doggies to keep us company and the stomach flu, which tore through the household during our entire visit. It was Porter's gift to us all, so tender. We didn't let that get us down, and had wonderful food, great weather and lots of love.

Out for an early morning walk with Aunt Katie.

I thought it was crazy for Luke to go on the 3 mile walk the morning
after having the stomach flu, and yes it was...crazy. Porter was a big
help too, only wanting to be carried. That boy loves his dada!

It wouldn't be a complete visit with Granny Alton if Porter didn't
learn how to play the Champagne Game!

On the day after Christmas Porter, Luke, Aunt Katie and I drove down to Capitola for 2nd Christmas with my family. The drive took 5 hours (usually a 3.5 hour drive), but it was well worth it to get to spend a few glorious days in Capitola with Gramma Mikie, Grandpa Craig and Uncles Steve and Kumar. I got a new camera for 2nd Christmas, which is why most of the pictures are from the second half of the trip. Here we go!

At the Boise Airport playing in the kids play area with a new friend.

Porter is 11 months and his friend, also a boy, is 10 months.

Bougainvillea growing up the side of my parents house  on a foggy morning.

My parents have a large collection of percussive instruments that Porter LOVES to play with.

Porter's latest facial expression. 

Gettin' down with his bad self.

A duet with Uncle Steve.

My parent's Christmas tree, beautiful as ever, and more instruments.

Uncle Steve really does know how to play the piano.

Climbing stairs, a new passion.

Steve and Kumar in the holiday spirit.

A leisurely drive along the cliff.

It's no visit to Santa Cruz without a drum circle.

We popped over the hill to visit my childhood friend Brynn and her family.

Look closely. Can you find the dad's with babies?

Porter and Hattie

After mastering the 3 stairs into the kitchen, it was time for the real thing.

A view from the summit.

My Sunset Magazine inspired post Christmas breakfast.

Soft boiled eggs, grapes, Mexican hot chocolate and Cardamom Apricot Coffee Cake.
A triumph!
How many Wilson's does it take to make a coffee cake?

3. Me, my dad and Steve.

Mexican hot chocolate. This will become a regular in my house.
Porter got his first ice cream cone. Oh goody! He wouldn't let me take it away from him,
and then the rest of the evening ensued.
Sleep? No thanks.

The Porter family was a big influence in the Santa Cruz area, including various places in Capitola.

Upon our return to Boise we took a New Year's Eve walk in the foothills with Auntie Anna.

Sportin' the Christmas sweater.

The kitties are glad we came home.
New Year's Day 2012

Love my tender life!

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