Jan 6, 2012

Videos Galore

Here are videos from the last month. It's hard to believe that next week my sweet baby will be a year old, how time flies! I'm more and more thankful for photos and videos so we can always remember these sweet times.

Thanks to my parent's neighbors Mara and Joe for letting us use this neat car for our walk in Capitola.

Drum circle with Porter, Luke and Steve.

A visit with our friend Hattie.

New Year's Day

If you listen carefully you can hear him say "raspberry" right at the end.

Thanks to Grandpa Craig and Gramma Mikie for the awesome wagon, Porter loves, LOVES, walking down the sidewalk.

And some more.

I think letting him stand may end up biting me in the a$$. I mean really, just look at his face.

On nights that Luke gives him a bath they do this pull up routine. Porter pushes off Luke's chest and does the pull ups himself while Luke supports him. With all the calisthenics he's being doing lately, it's no wonder he's eating me out of house and home!

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