Jan 30, 2012

Walking About

Last weekend we took our first winter hike, snowshoeing, up past Idaho city with our friends and family. It was great fun, beautiful, scenic, freezing cold and Porter hated every second of the actual hike. His screaming didn't bother me because the crunching of the snow beneath my shoes and beauty of the forest was lovely. I don't think Luke got to enjoy it quite as much though.

I wanted to get a picture of Porter in a tizzy, but turning around to snap photos is pretty difficult on a narrow trail in snowshoes. I will say that we enjoyed our nice comfy car picnic with Lucy, while Chelsea and Shaun tried out their new cross country skis, and Anna and Micah trekked into the deep woods and back.

We finished the day with lunch at Trudy's Restaurant in Idaho City. Even though it wasn't the snowshoeing adventure we had planned, it was still a grand time had by all. We plan on trying it again, maybe closer to home and later in the day when it's a little warmer. We will conquer the winters here in Idaho with some sort of outdoor activity, I just know it!

At the beginning of our short hike. Luckily it's easy to walk with the baby backpack and snowshoes.

Lucy got pulled in the Kinder Sled. She wasn't a big fan, but I could definitely be into it.

Trail packed by cross country skiers and snow shoers. I love the forest in winter. 

Everything was fine and dandy when we returned to the car and had a picnic.

Getting some QT with auntie Anna and Quila.

Micah, Anna and Porter

Tuckered out.

Speaking of walking around. Today was like spring time here in Boise, so Porter and I spent the afternoon outside in the sun. First we took a stroller walk and then Porter got to walk around the block with the Radio Flier. I loved every moment: the sun, warmth, smiley neighbors, and especially the "big boys" across the street who came and showed Porter their toy airplanes. He was in heaven and it took 25 minutes to walk past that single house.
Sportin' the sweet red Converse kicks from Lucy. They fit PERFECTLY and match the Radio Flier!

The kitties like to walk with us too.

Taking a break to let mommy get in on some Radio Flier action.

I love his stance in this picture.

You can't see it, but under his right hand is a pebble that he insisted on carrying home with us. He wouldn't let me put it in the wagon, he HAD to hold it in his hand. I'm so excited to see what comes home in his pockets when he gets older!

My most favorite part of this day (despite Porter's multiple melt downs from a changing sleep schedule and teething) was when we shared an apple. It was the epitome of tenderness.

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