Aug 17, 2011

Something New

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had some exciting opportunities on the horizon. Well, one of those came through in the form of a new position in my dad's company, Heart Hugger. As of yesterday I am the Director of Social Media Marketing. I'm really excited about this new opportunity for a few reasons: I can do it from home, I've wanted to work with this company for a LONG time, and it's a new and creative challenge.  After the realization that I wasn't starting the new school year as a teacher I decided that my brain and schedule are ready for a little more structure and creativity. So, right now you can become a Heart Hugger fan on Facebook, and eventually find us on all the other social media outlets too. The content I post will be interesting, helpful, and pertinent to everyone, so check it out!

In Porter news, I finally captured his two bottom teeth in a picture!

He's totally entertained by the giant bear from his Aunt Katie.

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