Aug 11, 2011


Seven months ago, this week, we brought home a newborn baby boy. Well, he just keeps getting bigger! Here's a smorgasbord of photos from the last week.

To beat the summer heat we spend the late afternoons in our front yard in the shade of our maple tree. I also found the rapid photo button on my camera and caught some interesting faces.

Who needs an African safari when you can watch the cats bask in the front yard?

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Porter, he's a talker and often a yeller.

Thanks to Chelsea's sister, Lissa, for the great bubble idea. Porter was entertained, or at least very curious for at least 20 minutes, and it helped clean off the tray, BONUS! He's sticking out his tongue just like his dad, very focused.

Like I said, a yeller.
Then Olive came along. These day's kitties are always the most interesting thing around.

 That's my boy!

 He got me.

Red triangle, meet blue star.

Here's a video of Misty getting some serious attention from Porter. She's the only kitty that will come near him these days because his love is so, well, intense. Sorry the video is so dark, had to work with what I had in that moment.

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