Aug 22, 2011

Hot Child In The City

Kids may be returning to school this week, but summer is making her presence known in Boise with temperatures in the high 90's and it's predicted to reach 100 degrees later this week. It's HOT! Since we have an old house, there isn't any air conditioning built in. If we were really desperate we could make some window units work, but after many summers in the high desert we've learned how to beat the heat, save some $$$ and lower our carbon footprint just a little. Here's how we do it, so if you're feeling adventurous you can try to stay cool on a budget too:
  • Shut all the windows and blinds  during the day to keep the sun/heat out and any cool air in
  • Open your windows at night and work those fans to get maximum air flow during the coolest part of the night
  • Turn off appliances, computers and televisions while they're not it use. I found that our computer and tv monitors put off enough heat to warm your hands in the winter.
  • During the hottest part of the day be still, like a lizard
  • Sometimes, it's nicer in the shade of a tree during the hot part of the day and then your body heat isn't heating the house
  • Get a portable evaporative cooler aka "swamp cooler"
  • When you really need to beat the heat and get out of the house, take a dip in the kiddie pool. 

Cherish the heat while you can (unless you live on the coast and it's not sunny until September!) soon the leaves will be dropping, temperatures chilling and the holidays will be upon us. Happy summer my fellow lizards!

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