Aug 27, 2011

Shafer Butte

Today our friends Shaun and Chelsea had a great idea to beat the summer heat. They suggested that we take a quick drive out of town to Shafer Butte, go on a short hike and then have a picnic dinner. It was awesome. The hike was lovely and easy, the food tasty and mother nature didn't disappoint. She regaled us with awesome vistas, perfect temperatures and even a soaring eagle. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends.
On the trail.

Porter still loves hiking.

Even though the flowers were past their prime, the colors and meadows were delightful.

Now almost 3 years old, and rockin' the quint-double pony, Lucy is a seasoned outdoor enthusiast.

Can you see the fairies and magical wee ones? I just know they're there.

Shaun enjoying a moment of solitude.

Taking it all in. I think these boys look alike in this pic.

Lucy got to hitch a ride with her dad, lucky girl.

Porter loves his aunt Chelsea, and I do too!

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