Jun 26, 2011

Kitty Whisperer

Before we had a baby, Luke and I had kitties. We still have them and they are getting to know Porter better everyday. For the first few months they pretty much avoided him, but since he's been so interactive lately they've all started to notice each other. 

Porter is big into textures and cat fur provides quite a stimulating experience. He pets (grabs) them every chance he gets and on the off moment that a tail slips into his little fingers he would be glad to pop it into his mouth (blek, hairball!). I will admit that as a mother I get concerned over the amount of cat fur that ends up in between his fingers. Thankfully he's a patient baby and lets me wash it off. 

Olive and Misty, the girl kitties, don't seem to mind being poked and prodded. I think they sometimes like the extra attention. Big Kitty, however, wants nothing to do with Porter.  This baby represents all the qualities that freak Big Kitty out. Porter yells, grunts, throws things, and grabs kitty parts ruthlessly. Needless to say, Big Kitty gives the baby a wide berth which is probably safer for everyone involved.

Something that I didn't expect to happen when we brought our bundle of joy home from the birth center was my own changed attitude towards our pets. Before baby came these kitties were my babies. They were spoiled, royally. When baby came home I was surprised about how little attention I gave them and, frankly, how much I wanted them out of the house. Luke's love and attention never waned though, and he's the kitties hero. Now that Porter is a little older, I'm getting back to loving them, but it's just not the same. Hopefully Porter will come to love them, learn to be gentle with them, and we can be one big kitty loving family.

Porter and Misty

Kitty meet and greet. Porter wants in on the action.

He thinks he's pretty funny when he chews on his bib.

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