Jul 6, 2011

Make Contact

It seems like forever since I have posted! We have been on our great California adventure tour and I have much to share with you all. First things first though. Sadly, I forgot my camera on this monumental trip. Luckily, everyone else had one available and I distinctly remember many photos being snapped. If you have any pictures of our encounters, please please please pick the cream of the crop and email them to doulamegan@gmail.com so that I can not only have them for posterity but might also include some of them in a post.

I would also like to say to everyone that met Porter- thank you for being so wonderful to my baby and for all your kind words about how fabulous he is. I agree! He really had an amazing trip and loves each and every person and pet that we came across, especially Rumpus the dog. I have never seen anyone, other than me, make Porter laugh in such a happy and carefree way. For that, I love Rumpus too! Thanks again Hamkaufs.

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