Jun 1, 2011

Chicken Little

In an effort to save money we have cut down on eating dinners out. Plus, it's easier with Porter to eat at home. I've been slowly getting back in to the habit of making real dinners, as opposed to the cereal or Top Roman that we got used to since our wee one was born. Growing up, my dad was always the main cook in our house, and he's excellent in the kitchen. During his visit here he revived a classic, roast chicken. When I lived at home my dad would make one little chicken last for multiple meals, and now I want to do the same. So, here goes!
My kitchen supervisor
Here she is, all 4.23 pounds. Roasted a la Julia Child and basted in butter. 

Chicken, sour cream smashed potatoes, gravy and garlic asparagus. This was a happy time of  day.

Leftovers, dark meat on top and white meat on bottom.

This is for my dad. Not a bit of her will waste, here is her carcass being boiled into broth.

The result! Beautiful golden chicken broth. Stay tuned to find out what happens with our own chicken little.

Granny Alton came to visit!!

We toured around Ann Morrison Park with Granny Alton and Porter's cousin Quila while Aunt Anna played volleyball.

Porter and Quila

It was a long walk, deserving of a nap.

Aunt Anna playing in a volleyball tournament.
 In more Porter cuteness.
Holding hands with dad at the dinner table.

Porter finally found a willing recipient of his fondness for hair pulling. Turns out Misty enjoys a rough grab, if only she knew what was coming!

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