May 24, 2011

High Desert Hike

Boise is considered the high desert. It is 2,730 feet above sea level, has a dry climate, averages 234 sunny days a year, and receives about a foot of rain yearly. The summer tends to be pretty hot and dry, between 85-95 degrees with stretches over 100 degrees. The winter can be quite cold. I know what zero feels like. This is what makes me appreciate the beautiful sunny days we've been having this spring. It makes it even better that we are getting to enjoy the outdoors with our new baby this year and that Luke's work place makes it so easy to take walks in the foothills.

For a brief time in the spring and fall, the hills are green and burgundy colored with blooming grasses and the trees have leaves. The sky is filled with big spongy clouds and the temperature hovers around 70. It doesn't get much more tender than that!

I've been documenting our hikes so that I can look back when I'm schvitzing like crazy this summer or piling on the blankets next winter, and remember that there is a time of year when being outside makes me very genuinely happy. To have anytime to enjoy the great outdoors is a treat and a luxury, and I'm happy to share it with you!

Help save the Hollow hiking trails! Click here to find out more.

Luke works at the bottom of this hill

Yet another view of downtown Boise from the foothills.

Luke is the designated family pack horse, and I love him for that.
Simplot hill: great for sledding in the winter and ice block riding in the summer!

Beauty growing from the dry earth
I finally got a picture of him awake during the hike. He promptly fell asleep after this pic was taken. Porter likes his Deuter hiking backpack better than all the rest because his giant baby body doesn't get scrunched up and he stays much cooler.

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