Dec 1, 2010

Simple Snowy Pleasure

During the winter I have often seen people, often elderly, shoveling their sidewalks/driveways early in the morning and while it is still snowing. My neighbor, who is pushing 90, sweeps her walkway every hour on the hour during a snow day. During each of these times I wondered why on earth they were doing this in the middle of the very weather that caused the work. Now I know. It is WAY easier to keep your house clean if there isn't snow at the entrance of your home and you are much less likely to break your neck if there isn't weeks of compacted snow and ice on the ground.

It seems so simple, but until my front yard had been dumped with inches and inches of snow for the last month, I had no concept. I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant, staying at home, or just crazy, but I LOVE shoveling snow. There is something so gratifying about peeling fluffy white snow away from the ground. The way that snow shovels are shaped allows the snow to fly in curls and waves to it's final destination. Sprinkling snow melt is akin to a science experiment, watching ice turn to water with the fleck of a wrist. Plus, I like the fact that I don't have to wear boots to take out the trash or get the mail. Whatever the reason, I'm lucky that I now have the time and consciousness to appreciate this small snowy pleasure.

Now for the requested belly photos that have been requested. Happy shoveling!

                                               11 Weeks Pregnant

                                               37 Weeks Pregnant


  1. We must come from the same planet because I LOVE shoveling snow too. We got home at 5:30 tonight (spent the snow day at my sister's) and I shoveled snow for 30 minutes just because I could. Only thing left is the driveway but Shaun wanted me to come in. *sigh*

    Tomorrow is FULL TERM!

  2. It seems like I would never get to full term, but it's here! I'm excited for this baby to drop.

  3. Thanks, it just keeps growing.