Dec 11, 2010

Friday Night Feast

Many Friday nights will find us having dinner with our friends, usually at Danny and Sarah's house. Our dinners started as Sunday brunches and evolved into Super Soup Sunday's and then to Friday Night dinners. Our meals are always pot luck and usually the best tasting and healthiest of the week. There is something special about bringing different dishes into one meal that makes them tender and tasty. Sometimes we have a theme, but more often then not it's a free for all. Sometimes it's just four of us and sometimes there's up to 10 people. There is always enough food for all and anyone who visits us in Idaho is welcome!

This weeks dinner friends starting from 12:00 and going clockwise: Sarah, Luke, Me, Ashley, Olivia, Lucy, Chelsea, Shaun, and Danny (taking the picture)

The meal included:
  • grilled chicken and steak, pan fried tofu
  • sauted green beans and mushrooms with garlic
  • cumin rice
  • veggie salad with dried cranberries
  • crusty rosemary bread
  • for dessert: tasty crepes with Nutella, fruit and whipped cream, yum!
Can I just give a moment of thanks for Nutella here? I LOVE this stuff. It's a hazelnut chocolate spread that has the consistency of peanut butter. It can go on toast, crepes, fruit, or my personal favorite, right off a spoon. Really, the sky is the limit. Try it, it is a truly tender treat.

 Remaining crepe dessert, tasty!

And anytime we have dinner at Sarah and Danny's house there are always the doggies. Here is Olivia lovin' on Mateo.

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