Dec 20, 2010

Sleepy Time

Being pregnant has been an interesting adventure, and the thing I have learned to appreciate the most is sleep. Now that I'm not being a teacher I have ample opportunity to sleep. I think maybe I sleep too much, but then everyone I talk to rationalizes it for me by saying, "You're pregnant!" or "Get it while you can."  Whatever the reason, I'm grateful to live this leisurely life for the next few days, until Baby Loaf decides it's time to make an appearance. I'm hoping that tomorrows Solstice Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will align just right with Baby Loaf's intentions and we'll finally get to meet this wee one. Until then, I'm going to nap.

Preggers Belly with Olive and Big Kitty. Olive can barely see over the mega bump.

39 Weeks pregnant. I hope this is the last pregnant photo I take, except for the one on the way to the birth center.


  1. I had a vision of you going into labor during our dinner tomorrow night. Wouldn't that be AWESOME!?!?!?!

  2. Yes! That would be most awesome!!!

  3. looking good, mama! can't wait to get the call that it's happening... !!!!