Dec 2, 2011

Happy Family

I'm not feeling very inspired to write these days. Blogging definitely has its highs and lows. Looking at pictures, however, is easy. I came across two family pictures and it made me realize how happy I am with our little family.

Having a baby hasn't been easy. It's involved a lot of personal growth and stretch on Luke's and my relationship. And to be perfectly honest, I still jump when I hear Porter make noises in his sleep. In the beginning it was because I was afraid he wasn't breathing, but now it's just because I need more sleep at night. The last 11 months have made me feel more alive, and I'm excited for the future. I even started reading a potty training book today. Wishful thinking?

Today I laughed with my son so many time's I can't even count them. Then after he went to sleep I laughed with my husband. I hope you get to experience happiness at this level, because it feels so freakin' good!

A couple days after Porter was born.

Late October, Porter 9 months. Photo by Ashley Romero.

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