Dec 4, 2011

Toasty Warm

As I write this, my husband is on a "man mission" to get a fire rolling in our stove. We were putting Porter to sleep this evening, the heater kicked on, and I smelled the faint smell of natural gas. Oh goody! Right at bedtime too. We killed the heater, called the gas company and a nice man came out to check the gas levels. He didn't find anything, but we're playing it safe and keeping the heater off tonight and calling in help tomorrow.

While it's a pain in the butt, Luke shines in moments like this and is relishing his ability to provide for us in this way. I'm quite happy that he likes doing it too. Here's a screen shot of what the weather is supposed to be like tonight. Perfect timing for heater troubles.

Thankfully we have an amazing wood burning stove that heats our house front to back. With some amazing planning, Luke got it together last month to chop all the wood we've had laying around, stack it on pallets and cover it. We now have plenty of fuel to burn. It's times like these that I'm really glad we have a small house. Time to pioneer-up!

It's also been really windy the last few days, which has made taking Porter for walks a little difficult. He's got his warm clothes, but when the wind gusted all of the leaves flew right into his face. Luckily, we were gifted an amazing stroller by our friends Chelsea and Shaun. It's perfectly suited for walking in the elements, something Porter and I plan on doing a lot this winter.

I'm glad I had a newborn last winter and got all my fretting out then. Is he warm enough? Too warm? Sun in his eye's? Every square inch of skin covered? Okay, so I'll never really stop trying to keep him comfortable, but at least I'm not as neurotic as last January. This winter I know how to dress him for the cold and I'm excited, or at least ready, for the winter to hit. Cheers to staying warm!

Winter wear: fleece pjs, snow bib, fleece lined rain jacket,
hat with lined ear/chin strap, mittens, UGG sheepskin booties.
Last year I had an amazing winter suit with covered feet, hands and hood,
from my mom. Now that Porter's wearing 12-18 month sizes,
they don't make giant one piece snowsuits. Darn it.

Pod baby!

He's a big fan of the clear plastic shield. Beneath it
he probably didn't need all the layers and
the wind and leaves were kept at bay.

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