Nov 19, 2011


Two weeks ago we took a trip to Maui with my parents. It was Porter's second trip to the islands and this holiday was decidedly more engaging than the first, when he was two months old. I feel incredibly blessed to have parents that can make amazing trips possible. We're so happy that Porter can get to know his grandparents in such beautiful (and warm) places. He certainly chose the right family to be born into! Here's the photo story:
It started very early in the morning at the Boise Airport.

A brief layover at the San Jose Airport.

Then a long flight over the Pacific.
Porter fell asleep quickly, but it only lasted
an hour into our 5 hour flight.
Then it was time to look for Care Bears
in the clouds.

Porter takes flight safety very seriously.

He was also a HUGE hit with the flight attendants, and everyone else on the plane.
I couldn't ask for a better travelling baby.
He was thrilled when the flight attendant scooped him up
 and brought him with her while she worked.

We finally arrived at the airport and were greeted by
Grandpa Kamehameha.

Dada got lei'd.

This was Porter's first time in the pacific ocean.
He loved it, it was just like a big pool.

My parents found the perfect tube for baby floating.

Initially the sand was a strange and foreign thing...

...but was then found to be perfect for eating, kicking and grabbing.
A big fan of the beach and a clean change of clothes.

Can you find the cloud dragon?

Sunset from Napili Point Resort, my parents most favorite place to stay.

First pineapple, a decided success.

There were rainbows almost everyday. This one is from our lanai.

Rainbow in Lahina.

We took a trip to the Maui Aquarium.
Getting a glimpse of a honu (turtle) up close.

Porter LOVED the fish and the underwater tunnel is the best.
We had few days of big waves and the surfers, aka wait-staff,
took full advantage. The water cleared everyday before noon
so all the servers could get to work. It then filled back up after
the lunch rush, hence the landing pattern we have here.
Surf's up!

Lunch at Pacific O Restaurant. Great breeze, amazing view, good food.
Perfect sailing conditions.
Porter was ordering the grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich
with fries and a Mai Tai.

It wouldn't be a trip to Maui without getting a mani-pedi from mom.

Porter loved playing in the kitchen while Grandpa cooked.

Got honu?
Nothing says Hawaiian princess like a techno-color plastic lei crown.

So over the quinoa already!

My parents became regulars for lunch at Star Noodle.
I can't blame them either! Their Singapore Noodles
and Pickle Jar rock my world!
It's not a trip to Maui without POG juice.
Molokai in the distance in a rare moment of cloud free beauty.

My baby prefers a king sized bed with fresh linens
to the cramped crib.
On day 2 of our trip I chopped off my hair. When I told the stylist
that she was cutting all my hair off she asked if I had just gotten
married, hmmm? Luke asked if I was mad at him and my dad
asked if I remembered to bring my softball equipment. Sheesh!

He fell backwards and then realized that we were
sitting under an amazing tree. He then laid that way
for a good 5 minutes gazing up.
Last sunset before the long journey home to icy
Me and my baby, so so happy.

Before I was born, my mom wished for a baby on one of
her trips to Hawaii. So, last year I did too, right at this very
spot. I think the Hawaiian Islands make wishes come true.

This sums up our trip pretty well.

He had a lot to say that night.

Pineapple vs quinoa. Pineapple wins.

While sitting in the aquarium tunnel a scuba diver, feeding the fish, 
came and gave Porter a close up. It was awesome.

When I wished for a baby I didn't know I was wishing for him, 
but I'm pretty sure I couldn't have gotten a better baby.

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