Oct 1, 2011

Garden: Sea of Green

The last 2 days have marked a huge transformation in our yard. If you need to catch up you can read the first posts on our garden escapades at: Garden: Revolution and Garden: Gearing Up. Today our Xerilawn from The Turf Company was installed!! Luke and our good friend Shaun spent the day doing the back breaking installation, and for that I am greatly appreciative. In our original plan, Luke and I decided that we were going to make it symmetrical, but I didn't do a very good job conveying that to the landscaper. The beautiful sea of green that we ended up with is a free form shape which I think is lovely. I, however, wasn't on my hands and knees quilting together the bits and pieces all day like my wonderful husband and friend Shaun. Porter and I tried to help where we could, getting sod rolls (which are ridiculously heavy) into the janky wheelbarrow, getting branches out of the way, keeping water and beer flowing, rolling the laid sod, prepping it for water, and general oversight. Next summer we'll flood irrigate, but for the rest of this season we'll be sprinkling it. The future holds picnics, playing catch, romping around without shoes on and a whole wonderful world of enjoying our backyard. I love it!! And Luke, I love you too.

I have summed up the work day that lasted from 9am-3pm in 18 seconds, for your viewing pleasure.

The completed sea of green, it's beautiful.

Porter harassing Olive...
...but only because she couldn't figure out how to get over the fence fast enough.
He kept tipping his head back and was curious as to why there was no water coming out the bottom of the water bottle. I'm just impressed that he expected anything at all.

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