Feb 14, 2011

Mother Dear

I want to give thanks for all my mommy friends, for my own mother and my husband's mother. When I was in labor with my son I came to the realization that as a doula I only partially understood what birth was about. Now that I'm a mother I can say that while I always loved and appreciated my own mother, and the mothers in my life, now I more fully understand the depth of love, concern and strength that mothers posses. 

In all honesty, being responsible for a tiny life has brought out my own insecurities as a parent. I have read books that claim to have the answer to parenting, and here is what I've learned. Mothers have been mothering for eternity, long before books and through passing fads and parenting theories. While there are good ideas that I have utilized from these books, I think I'm ready to venture out on my own as a mother. With my supportive husband, my own mother, and a collection of strong mother friends to lean on and watch as they raise their children, I think Porter will turn out alright. So, on this Valentine's day I give love to all the mommies out there, doing their best to be good at what they do.

Here is a video of Porter taking some floor time to work out, happy Valentine's day!

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