Mar 28, 2011

Many Hands

Taking vacations are a real delight that we are lucky enough to experience on a pretty regular basis. Recently we took a trip to Maui with Porter and met up with my parents. This was the first time Porter met his grandpa and it went off without a hitch. Porter is an awesome traveler and we can't wait to take our next trip.

The best part of this vacation was that there were so many people to love on Porter. My parents were ready and willing babysitters, which meant that Luke and I actually got some quality time together. We swam, snorkeled, went to breakfast and lounged in the sun. It was a much needed warming to our cores after the chilly Boise winter. Porter also kept us out of the sun much of the time and neither of us got a sunburn. He's saving us from ourselves already!

When we arrived home it was a small shock to my system on Monday when Luke had to go back to work. It was just Porter and I alone again and we didn't have all the helping hands that had been so wonderful on our vacation. It made me appreciate all the friends and family that have come to visit us during these last two and a half months. I am also grateful for the Baby and Me group that I meet up with on Tuesdays at St. Alphonsus hospital. Meeting with mothers and babies that are similar ages has helped answer many questions that I have and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one running this race called motherhood. The love that everyone has shown my family and baby has made our lives happy and so much easier.

I say easier because Porter is growing like a weed, he's already 14 pounds and 25 inches long. At 2.5 months he's wearing six month sized clothing. While my arms are getting really strong, it's always nice when I can give Porter off to another pair of loving hands for a bit. Luke certainly gets his fair share when he's home, and has actually said that changing diapers isn't so bad. What can I say, I'm a lucky girl and Porter is an even luckier boy!

Here are a few pics from the trip ~
Napili Point, Maui

Mom and Porter by Turtle Bay

Grandma Mikie lovin' on Porter

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