Dec 7, 2012

Photo & Quote #6 Eat Real Food

You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of 
proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.

Farm fresh, pastured, local, non-GMO eggs and goat cheese from Green Goat Dairy.
We are spoiled. I love this farm!!
Eat Real Food.


Walking the walk. Breakfast this week included Dutch Baby pancakes made with Green Goat eggs, organic Einkorn flour, and organic sugar. Topped with locally sourced and home canned white peaches form Williamson Orchard.  
There are many recipes, but I've found that Martha Stewart's is a good thing. 

We're really into these homemade graham crackers right now. So simple, and very real. Thank you Food Renegade.

Today Porter helped me make a new batch and was as patient as an almost 2 year old can be.

Seriously, they're so good and ridiculously easy to make.

We had a bit of a photo session today. Hilarity ensued.

He decided this was not actually a diaper holder, but his very own train car. Choo choo!

Tonight Luke became a grandfather. Porter named his baby girl, Porter.
Only slightly more creative than her original name, Big Baby.

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