Dec 31, 2012

Last Tender Life Post & Top 6 Posts of 2012

Snow Kitty

Whoo, whoo.

What?! Last post? Yes, you read that correctly. But don't fret, it only means that better things are to come. Starting tomorrow I will be blogging from my BRAND NEW BLOG! I'll have a redirecting link tomorrow and it'll be easier to remember, fo' sho'.

You see, I started Tender Life a few months before I had Porter with the hopes of keeping up with family and friends once the wee babe came along. And this blog has done that really well. What I didn't anticipate was how much I would enjoy blogging, which turns out to be a lot. I want to bring my blogging to the next level and open it up to a larger audience, because I have so much more to share.

Don't worry, it will still include all the wonderful updates and pictures of my sweet family and all my previously written posts. The new blog will have more content about my own personal interests, be easier to use, and hopefully easier to leave comments on. After all, blogging is a form of social media, and if Blogger is going to make it difficult for you to leave comments then it's not very social at all. New year, new blog. Rest assured, Porter will still be very much a part of it all. He is after all much of the inspiration.

For the final real post of Tender Life and of 2012 I want to share the top 6 posts of the last year, in case you missed out. I hope your 2012 was lovely and wonderful and everything you hoped!

Top 6 Posts of 2012!

Africa: Rock the Casbah
Real Food Just Got More Real
Spain: Rhonda
Spain: Marbella Sick Day
Bucket List #13 Epiphony


Bucket List #6

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