Nov 14, 2012

Porter at 22 months

When people ask how old Porter is I now say, "He'll be 2 in January." Gone are the days where age is classified in months, but I don't want to short him these last two months of babyhood especially since he's so big and people have assumed that he's 3 already.

He's an active little guy and being outdoors is the best way to wear him out. Although his energy seems boundless. We warm up after playing/working outside with daily tea parties. This involves sitting in the "tunnel" (a sheet draped between the recliner and couch) while we drink herbal tea from our respective tea cups. Our conversation centers on the temperature of the tea, whose tea belongs to who and the fact that we are indeed having a tea party. Tea parties are good for the soul.

His key phrases are, "Where (insert person) go?" "Come on (insert person/pet)" this usually involves pulling you in his direction, and "No! Go away." He's desperately trying to speak in long sentences, but it's mostly gibberish with a few intelligible words thrown in and obvious pointing at whatever is being discussed. I try to pay attention, but it's hard to respond to his questions when I have no idea what he's asked. He'll often repeat for my benefit and I usually end up nodding my head and agreeing.

There's become a slight obsession with trains and tunnels, and he continues to be fascinated by any sort of automotive equipment or machinery. He also likes to blow on the cats fur and watch it move. Porter is delightful, strong, laughs easily and can be quite persistent. We can see his sense of humor and personality developing daily. I can hardly believe that it's been almost two years since he was born. So much has happened and it's crazy to think what another 2 years will bring!

Getting the snow bib out for the first time this season. It was that cold and windy.

You have to click on this picture to see his expression. He's so serious.

At the dog park with Auntie Anna and Uncle Micah.

I didn't realize all of his winter gear is blue until I snapped this photo.

His feet finally touch!! Now he can really ride.

Playing around with the camera in the tunnel.

Pretending to be asleep, complete with fake snoring.

I think he looks like he's going into the office with dad.

Playing tug of war with Olive. She won.

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