May 18, 2012

Not So Baby, Baby Food

As an homage to the many food blogs out in there, I have decided to do a post about all the food Porter eats in a day.

Organic Bunapi Mushrooms- Porter loves mushrooms, and after reading from Dr.Weil that button and crimini mushrooms can be carcinogenic, I've been looking for alternative shrooms. These are perfect.

Alien planet?

No, just cute little mushrooms.

Onions, bell pepper and mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil.

The already finished banana. This is actually the first food item that he eats each day. If I time it just right, demands for "nanna!" will carry through the cooking of the meal.

I LOVE the Camelbak water bottles for kids. They are the only ones I've found that don't leak, at least when being used properly. Porter sips on water all day long.

We share the sauteed veggies and scrambled eggs for breakfast. P doesn't get cheese on his eggs since the calcium in cheese will brutally rebuff the iron in the eggs. I however, enjoy the cheesy eggs.

Biting the cap off a little mushroom.

Until very recently, Porter only drank water and mother's milk. I've started introducing him to kombucha, just a little at a time. He seems to like it, even though it makes his mouth feel a little sparkly.

Ingredients: organic raw kombucha, blackberry juice, passion fruit juice, and 100% pure love.

He cleaned his tray, as always.

He doesn't drink milk, but loves yogurt. I take whole milk yogurt and homemade applesauce  and shake them in a bottle with a straw. Sometimes he'll have kefir instead.

Suck on that Dannon drinkables!

And berries. His all time favorite food, ever.

He also helped me finish off the cucumber in my salad. The lettuce was appealing, but hard to chew without molars.

It's true. I feed my child fruit and veggie packs. He loves them and they're easy for him to eat himself. Happytot is all organic and only contains the actual fruits and veggies. In this case he's having green bean, pear and pea with chia seeds.

Grilled cheese with Tillamook (home of the Baby Loaf) Colby cheese on Alverado St. sprouted grain bread with a slathering of butter.


He likes crackers a lot. "Cah cah" was his first intelligible word. I'm not a fan of the Plum Super Puffs, but we were trying something new.

Preparing him for Lucky Charms perhaps? Plus, if you accidentally step on one it immediately crumbles into a fine powder that is impossible to clean without getting the vacuum out. I won't be purchasing these again.


Friday nights we get take out for dinner, so this isn't what he usually eats. Typically it's a pile of veggies and beans and whatever he'll eat that Luke and I have. Tonight however, Porter and I shared Thai Green Curry with chicken and rice. He doesn't like meat a whole lot, so this is really the only time he eats it since I slap chop it and mix it with the rice. He seriously loves it. Probably because I ate it so often when I was pregnant. I seriously love it too.

He's getting better at keeping the food off the floor, but with rice it's tricky. He 's also desperate to feed himself with a spoon, which is difficult with this meal. I will tell you that there has been improvement in this arena lately, which means I spend less time on my hands and knees cleaning the floor after meal time.

Not included in today's photo essay is the nursing that happens periodically through the day. I'm no Time Magazine cover model or anything, soapbox up but yeah to answer their question, I'm mom enough. And so are all of my mommy friends out there doing their best to raise happy healthy babies. Soapbox down.

So there it is. A baby foodie's tour of a day in the life.

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