May 6, 2012

Garden: Mulch & Cinco de Mayo

What a weekend! Spring is the time to get stuff done and to celebrate the change in weather! We took advantage of the sunny days by mulching, 12 cubic yards of the stuff, in our backyard and celebrating Cinco de Mayo with our good friends the Titus'. The weekend couldn't have been complete without them.
Tree Top Recycling has the best and cheapest mulch in Boise.

This is what 12 yards of ceder mulch looks like when it's fully packed into a crate.

This picture doesn't do it justice. You can see it's taller than Porter, and it went on for about 20 feet.
He was bound and determined to sweep it into the yard.

Chelsea and I saved these Russian Sages from near death by weeding, laying weed cloth and mulching.
So much better then before.



We have a little extra mulch to spread over the compost area, once the compost bins are removed.

This section of the backyard is just about done. We have to remove the compost and put rock down by the big gate and lay river rock in the small canal for flood irrigation. It's so close I can taste it.

We also re-mulched the front yard.

So clean and ready to bloom.

Volunteer tulips. I don't think these have ever bloomed before.

I usually pull them before they bloom because they come up right where I planted a grass .
This year I let them go, and I'm glad I did.

The thyme lawn is starting to bloom with it's purple flowers.

Cinco de Mayo

Last year Luke and Shaun celebrated this day (or should I say night) with a bottle of tequila and playing some loud music, while Chelsea had a cold and I had a newborn at home. This year we all got celebrate together at their new home. A big thanks to their Aunt Marcy and Uncle Dick for providing a lovely setting and a killer margarita recipe.

The backyard is a wonderland. Complete with swing set, playhouse, grills, fireplace and lots of space to play.

Like I said, KILLER margaritas. 

The beautiful Chelsea mixing the magic brew, along with preparing fajitas and tamales.
She finally has a kitchen that suits her!

Mmmm. If I had been drinking my own margarita, rather than sipping off Luke's, this pitcher would have been gone at the end of the night and we would have had to crash in their guest room.

Carb counting be damned this weekend. There's no shame in loving a good 'rita.

Azul, the birdy or "teet teet" as Porter calls her, was ever the entertainer.

The party moved from the backyard to the front where there is more yard and a basketball hoop. Porter was thrilled with the variety of balls being played with: a basketball, a football and a volleyball. He was giddy.

He's also giddy for Kefir.

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