Apr 4, 2012

Pete The Cat

If you're the parent of a young child and you think that the Library is only for books and story time, you're wrong. At the Boise Library they have English, Spanish and family story times, music and movement for kids, concerts by authors, puppet shows and a special kindergarten prep class so that every child has a chance to learn to read before starting kindergarten, just to name a few. These activities are just the ones for younger kids, there's a whole different set of activities for older kids too. All of these activities are free and open to the public. Seriously, if you have a child ages 1month+ then haul your butts to the Library and spend some quality time together and in our community.

Yesterday Porter and I had the opportunity to see Mr. Eric, author of Pete The Cat books. He gave a spectacular (free) 45 minute concert that involved singing, dancing, poetry, a preview of his newest Pete The Cat book, and it was all doused with witty humor that made both kids and parents laugh. I don't know about you, but as a child I went to a few kids concerts and they were great, for kids. The only way our parents must have made it through the rhymie sing songs was out of pure love for us, their children. Mr.Eric was fun, clever and very entertaining for kids of all ages.

Parent friends, go to your local library website (here's the one for Boise Libraries) find their kid event calendar and pick an event you can attend. They usually plan plenty to do on Saturday's too. This is an opportunity to teach your kids to love books, how much fun it is to learn and be part of our larger community. Plus, the Library is your tax dollars at work, so go and get your money's worth!

Pete the Cat

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