Mar 4, 2012

Photo A Day - 4 and Snowshoeing


Today was a glorious day. We went from snowshoeing (it went much better than the last time) at Bogus Basin in the morning, to bike riding in the 63 degree weather in the valley. It was like spring time and the people of Boise were out in force soaking up the vitamin D. Today was a perfect reason to live in Boise.

I think Porter's highlight was our bike ride to the local school's playground. We saw people playing volleyball, basketball and soccer. The entire time we were playing on the jungle gym he was shouting "BALL! BALL! BALL!" On our ride home he kindly waved and shouted "BYE!" To every person, moving car and animal. He then proceeded to explore our backyard for another 45 minutes where he literally played in the dirt. I think it's time for a sand box. He was a very happy and tired boy by the end of this very excellent day.

We've been up that mountain! It's Squaw Butte.

Bushwhacking with baby. Not ready. Lesson learned. 

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